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I know that blogging is a great way for people to get their voices heard in the larger world. Obviously, that’s why I’ve decided to do it. I’m just arrogant enough to think that there are people out there who might want to know just what it is that I have to expound upon. As a result of my time blogging, there seem to be people who actually like, or dislike, just what it is that I have to say. Consequently, they comment. Please be advised:

      1. I have no problem with people commenting on my posts. The more the merrier. Please try to be as constructive as possible as that’s how I learn. I don’t care how long your comment is but please try to be concise so I can get to as many as possible.
      2. When you comment, please be civil. There’s nothing worse than a “troll”, whose sole aim in a comment is to disparage, ridicule or totally try to rip to shreds, an individual’s character. This, I will NOT tolerate!
      3. If you choose to be a “troll” in your comment, I will ask you to kindly engage in a mature form of discussion in order to civilly discuss our differences. I’m not a big one for “blocking” an individual. I’ve only had to do it once and it was an extremely “last resort” type of action. Understand though, that your comments are out there for everyone to see, AS WELL AS your humiliation, if I choose to STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL as a last resort. I DO NOT disparage, ridicule or rip other’s character and REFUSE to accept it as a comment on my blog site.

I feel that the Internet and “The Blogosphere” in particular, are great places to share information as well as learn. Let’s NOT ruin it with petty arguments that can actually be hashed out with civil discussions. Not everyone has to agree on everything. At the least, we can ALWAYS agree to disagree!

Thanks for your time,

Michael Stichauf