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I started this blog a few months back after I realized that I actually had something to say and some people actually read some of the things that I wrote. I had finally joined Google + and after a couple of weeks, I started to post some things. Initially, because no one was in any of my circles, I didn't get any responses. Slowly, but surely, I added people they added me.

I realized very quickly that everyone had strong opinions about everything under the sun. I also realized that I was going to be challenged on everything that I posted about. It didn't take long for people to take me to task on just about any subject I wrote about. You'd think that this may have discouraged me but it did just the opposite. It helped me to realize that there are other opinions on subjects and that sometimes I WAS WRONG! Yep, that's what I said, "I was wrong at times"! That was O.K. though. It dawned on me that if I wanted to grow as a person, I must be willing to have my opinions challenged and be willing to learn from people with far more intelligence than I and many more life experiences.

Hence, the title of my blog, "As I understand it now... 'til it changes". If an individual wants to grow and learn, he/she must be willing to have his viewpoints challenged and then CHANGED, if need be! I hope you enjoy and maybe learn from the posts that I've published. 

Thank you, Michael Stichauf.