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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

City Council's Motives

Would anyone mind if I took a moment to express another one of my opinions? Thanks... although everyone knows, I was going to express it anyways. LOL! This thought came to me while I was reading the story of one of the most recent legal actions against, smokers.

One quick caveat; I’M A SMOKER!

Chicago’s city council has enacted an ordinance that treats the new “E cigarette” EXACTLY LIKE A REGULAR CIGARETTE! Aside from the fact that there are no studies that can prove to anyone that “water vapor” can injure an individual who might happen to be standing in the vicinity of one of these “E-Cigarettes”, it just galls me that these idiots feel that they can do shit like this!! According to one news outlet, a council member said that they’re just getting out ahead of the situation! WHAT?!? REALLY?!?!? There’s NO EVIDENCE but you are getting this ordinance in place for when there is evidence?!?!? Is this right? Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t this similar to arresting an individual because the “coppers” just know that said individual is gonna commit a crime?

Now, I’ve also heard Mayor Rahm say that he’s protecting our children from the evils of smoking by enacting “this very ordinance”. Come on Rahm! Whom are you kidding? Kids seeing people smoking these “E-Cigs” aren’t gonna go out and buy a pack of cigarettes!! As any smoker can tell you, they started smoking ‘cuz one of their friends was smoking. I’m against kids smoking. In fact, I wish everyone could quit smoking, including myself but this legislation WON’T ACCOMPLISH THIS!! I’m gonna go out on a limb here (because some people might not agree with this) and say this; If I was a kid and I saw someone smoking one of these things, I’d ask my Mother or Father, “Hey, what’s up with that?!” Then they’d say, “Well, my son, that’s what that person is doing ‘cuz they did something stupid and started smoking cigarettes. That thing they’re smoking is helping them TO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES”. I DON’T THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT SOME KID WHO SEES AN INDIVIDUAL USING ONE OF THESE “E-CIGS” IS GONNA SAY, “WOW, I’M GONNA GO STEAL $20 OUT OF MY MOM’S PURSE TO PURCHASE THAT REALLY COOL DEVICE THAT THAT PERSON’S USING!” I just don’t see the logic in this whole thing.

Yes, I am biased. I don’t want this legislation because in all actuality, I think using this device would help me quit cigarettes. Now, I know the next logical thinking process (I never said I’m logical, mind you) is this; “Michael, if you think that this E-Cigarette would help you stop smoking, this legislation isn’t stopping you from buying one. Why not buy one?” Well, I’m probably gonna do that, eventually. Yet, being the stubborn individual that I am, I’m thinking this; “If I can’t use one of these things while I’m working or while I’m inside somewhere, then I’ve got to go outside and smoke it JUST LIKE I WOULD WITH A CIGARETTE!” What’s the difference then? NOTHING! There is no difference now between a real cigarette AND an E-Cigarette! My goofy thinking says, “Why go through the difficulty of trying to quit with a device that is being treated THE SAME AS A CIGARETTE?”

As goofy as my thinking is (and I’m sure I’m not the only smoker thinking this- I’ve talked to quite a few), this legislation is still “a rotten egg” as far as I’m concerned. What I can’t figure out is how in the hell Rahm, and his City Council buddies, are profiting from the Legislation? I can see if they went hell bent AGAINST THIS LEGISLATION that they were probably taking campaign money from the companies that are making these E-Cigs but that’s not the case.

That’s, “As I Understand it now... ‘til it changes”, thanks for listening to this rant.

Michael K. Stichauf

Thursday, January 9, 2014

UGH- Am I Stuck!!

For two weeks now, I've been sitting here staring at this screen trying to figure out what I want to write about next! I can't stand it. I'm NEVER at a lose for an opinion but these past two weeks, I can't find anything to bitch, complain or even praise! Actually, there are two or three things that I'm thinking about... I just can't string a couple of syllables together, let alone a sentence or two.

I can remember years ago, before I ever thought about writing, not being able to understand how a writer couldn't figure out what to write about. Writer's block?!?! What? That's what they do... WRITE! Just scribble down whatever you're thinking about at the time! Ya...OKAY! Easier said than done. 

Now, I understand that in order to have "Writer's block", you really should be considered a writer, right? O.K., maybe I can't really say that I've got "Writer's block". Maybe I'm just stuck on STUPID! No, anyone who knows me knows that I'm too arrogant to consider myself stupid... that won't work. Well, I don't know what I'll call it but I CAN'T COME UP WITH  ANYTHING TO WRITE ABOUT! 

Hopefully, one of our brilliant politicians will do something that sparks something in me that will finally break this logjam in my brain. Actually, something came to light yesterday in New Jersey. Apparently, someone in charge of the bridges in that great state decided to close down a few lanes of a bridge that allowed access to a town called Fort Lee. Folks are saying that it has something to do with "political payback" because the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee refused to endorse New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie in his last election. Imagine that, "political payback", NEVER heard of that before!

Oh well, let's see wh-- hold on here, I may have just broken through my "writer's block". Stay tuned, I may have something in a few days. Thanks for your patience... as if you were waiting with baited breath.

That's "As I understand it now... 'til it changes".