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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Scariest Case yet of Police Abuse of Power

Checkout the video of this story prior to reading my post;

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now getting almost comical that, if I really searched hard enough, I would be able to post at least one story a day about some sort of police misconduct! "The Young Turks" (as you know, my favorite news outlet) has posted, for your perusal, another disgusting case of abuse of power. This one is revolting in it's details and, dissecting it through the eyes of even a sympathetic "copper" supporter, scary in it's intentions.

A man was pulled over as he was leaving the parking lot of a Walmart in southern New Mexico. The "copper" (my disparaging name for bad cops) said he "rolled" a stop sign. Apparently, the copper felt the need to get this man out of his car to search him. According to the copper, while he was conducting a "pat down" search of the man, he said that the man "clenched his butt cheeks" warranting further investigative measures by the copper! This is where it gets unbelievable. By the time the coppers get finished with this poor guy, they have taken him to the hospital and the docs perform numerous anal probes, x-rays and a colonoscopy on him!!

My first problem with this whole situation is this; why was the man taken out of his car in the first place to be searched. He was pulled over FOR A STOP SIGN VIOLATION. More and more these days, coppers are using little "probable cause" excuses on people so they can run their name through the data bases that they have. Folks, this is one of the reasons that we formed a new country, so we didn't have to put up with a "police state"! And this is exactly what is beginning to happen! Just the other day, I was sitting outside at a Burger King, taking a break from a bike ride. I was rolling a cigarette when one of the coppers, from my town, flew into the parking lot of the BK and ran over to me yelling, "Put that shit on the ground and step away! I hope that's not a joint! Step away from the evidence!" Well, before I could even react, he's got me by my arm and grabbing for my tobacco pouch. Folks, with so many people either not being able to afford to buy brand name cigs or just refusing to pay the high price for them, many more people are buying the tobacco and rolling them themselves. It's been going on for ten years now. This is not a new sight for a copper to view. He immediately realized that it was only tobacco but, now that he felt that he had established "probable cause", he went on to publicly search me right in the middle of the Burger King parking lot in MY HOME TOWN! How embarrassing!! Of course, he ran my name- nothing! Consequently, I was allowed to go on my way. There was NO LEGITIMATE REASON for him to search me and run my name!

Here's another part of the story that blows my mind. OK, they did get a search warrant... but what judge, in his right mind, would give the kind of search warrant to the coppers that he did BECAUSE A MAN SEEMED TO CLENCH HIS BUTT CHEEKS DURING A PAT DOWN!! Ladies and gentlemen, when the coppers "pat down" a suspect, they aren't looking to win a "gentleness contest", especially when they are in the area of an individuals crotch. They purposely hit you hard in that area, which is probably what happened in this guy's case. Consequently, when they hit his crotch, he  reacted like every other man would and that's what the coppers noticed. He clenched his butt cheeks! It's a defensive action. I simply cannot believe that clenching one's butt cheeks is a viable reason to grant a search warrant. Any judge with half a brain would have thrown that copper out of his office and this one should have done the same. 

So, now that this situation has the appearance of being LEGIT (the search warrant), the coppers take this guy to a hospital, so they can PROBE HIS ASSHOLE!! Can you believe this! Well, the first hospital was smart enough to refuse to do anything to this guy. Smart people. No problem, they went to another hospital and apparently scared them enough to where they agreed to do the procedures that the coppers wanted! This is TRULY the scariest part of the whole story. Not only did the docs do numerous anal probes, they also did x-rays. Why didn't they see on the x-rays that this poor guy had nothing shoved up his ass!! It baffles me. OK so, once they couldn't find anything through the anal probes AND the x-rays (here comes the scary part), the docs SEDATE THIS GUY AND PROCEED TO DO A COLONOSCOPY!! THEY SEDATED THIS GUY!! Since when has it been kosher to do this kind of thing that was only done in Stalin's Soviet Union, Hitler's Fascist Germany and Tito's Yugoslavia!! When did we turn into this type of country. Folks, something's wrong in this country when the coppers can get away with these kind of tactics! When an individual has NO SAY in whether they are sedated and have a procedure performed on them, you are NO LONGER LIVING IN A DEMOCRACY THAT WAS, AT ONE TIME, THE ENVY OF THE MODERN WORLD!! It's that simple! And another thing, if you think that this must have happened because maybe the guy was looking kind of shady or maybe he was dressed "like a druggie", dirty jeans or messed up hair or whatever, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Just think of those times when you have to run out to the store before it closes and you throw on a pair of sweats and you don't have time to comb your hair 'cuz the store might close before you get there, and you get pulled over. 99% of the cops today are going to look at you funny and invent a reason for probable cause so they can "roust" you!! According to a study that I read a while back, coppers said that the easiest thing for them to do is to pull someone over FIRST, AND THEN INVENT A REASON FOR PROBABLE CAUSE LATER to justify pulling you over in the first place!!Amazing!! Frightening!!

In any event, watch the video again after you read my post. It just isn't right!! And that is, "As I understand it now... 'til it changes".

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned because I will let you know EVERY TIME I run across a story of police abuse of power.
Michael Stichauf