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Sunday, November 3, 2013

“Those Damn, Pesky Inalienable Rights”

I've recently received a video from a friend that is very disturbing to me and should be disturbing to others when they see how reminiscent it is of what has been happening here in the United States since 9/11. Here's the link; view it and then read the rest of my blog. Granted, the video is about a situation in Australia but when I think about it, I'm reminded of what's gone on here in the U.S. The slow erosion of our rights has been an ongoing process and it hasn't changed with the election of President Obama. 

When those planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers, the government of The United States of America told us that they needed to "trample" on our rights as citizens in order to keep "us all" safe from TYRANNY! O.K., they didn't use the word "trample" but they might as well have.We were told that "they" (the Government) needed these new laws, such as "Warrantless Wiretaps", to start with because if they had to take the time it would take to get a warrant, the "terrorists" would already be gone, they would already have a new and different cell phone, thereby putting "us" in danger. These laws were also made more "palatable" for the citizenry to accept by telling us that they would only need to be in effect for a short time until "we" got a grip on this "terrorist thing".

Whenever a "tragic" situation occurs, our Government has always decided to institute laws that end up suspending our basic human rights. Lincoln did it, Roosevelt did it and most recently "The Dubya" has done it. President Bush has done it and has tried to make it legitimate by stating that these new laws are needed as "pre-emptive" strikes against the terrorists. Time and again we have seen how these very laws have proven to be a ridiculous attempt by the Government to "Fight the good fight" and actually end up creating more terrorists, home grown, than if the laws were never enacted. One of the worse offenders (laws) is detaining people without the right of "habeas corpus". In effect, we've been able to hold people in jail WITHOUT ANY END IN SIGHT for that individual. It not only has been applied to terrorists overseas either. It's been used against American citizens.

Another thing that the Government has used to it's advantage is the use of "Executive Orders". I believe that what I've recently heard is that between Bush and Obama, they've issued more of these orders than every other president combined. It's just a way for them to get what they want without ANYONE (Congress) telling them, "NO!"

Now, without spending the next hour going through all the different laws that have been enacted that have "trampled" on our basic human rights, I think it's safe to say that we are now functioning under a more restrictive environment that seeks to restrict demonstrations, spy on our different modes of communication and generally crack down on all the rights that we held so dear. All this in the name of "The War on Terror".

My last point on this subject has to do with what I thought about while watching the video from "Anonymous". When I heard all the things that the law in Australia was set up to do, it reminded me a little of "Stop and frisk" and I also thought about the fact that once a Government takes something away from the people, IT NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER GIVES IT BACK. Folks, we will never get back the basic human rights that have been taken away from us. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Remember when, earlier in this post, I stated that the "G" was trying to make these laws more "palatable" by telling us that they would only need these "tools" for a short time? That once they got a "handle" on these terrorists they'd allow the laws to expire without renewing them? Well, good luck with that. How's that been working out for us, huh? I'll tell you how. President Obama has renewed ALL of them. I was a big supporter of Obama but he backed out on a campaign promise the minute he walked in the front door of the White House. He never did close down Guantanamo. It's been proven over the years that once the Government gets something, they NEVER GIVE IT BACK!

Believe me when I tell you that I'm not one of these ACLU "kooks". There's nothing wrong with the ACLU but there are some "kooks" among them, but I am someone who believes strongly in our country, like so many others and it just kills me to see some of the things that the Government gets away with these days. I'm not only talking about the subject of this post but the fact that the "G" governs now without even caring that there are citizens out there. They can careless about us. It's like we don't even exist. They are in office to make money for themselves and for their friends.

So, that's "As I understand it now, 'til it changes". Let me know what you think. 
Have a great evening, Michael Stichauf.